Friday, April 01, 2005

Bitter lessons from experience

Right now, I'm working on implementing security recommendations from the Open Web Application Security Project (or OWASP) Top Ten vulnerabilities list. While going through a lot of my old code I find myself thinking time and again - "What the hell was I thinking when I wrote this?"

This brings me to something that I've noticed often, especially recently. It takes 3 to 4 years of hardcore software coding experience to really get into the groove of stuff - you start to recognize common pitfalls and automatically start writing better code. Unfortunately, in most Indian software companies, by the time you get to this stage (and sometimes even sooner) you're at the stage in your carreer where you start managing people and stop writing code. So all the stuff you've learnt just gets wasted!

I wish there were a way to preserve this hard-earned experience and more than that I wish that software companies would realize this. It seems like they're still applying the lessons learned in the industrial era to what is clearly a post-industrial process.


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